"That kid’s the Brown Man? Is there a shit reference I’m missing?"

"Well, the family only call him in when it hits the fan — so yeah, I guess you could say that."

"It’s an Irish James, so I’m okay



Should You Trust That Doctor?

Okay, but seriously, where’s Dr. House M.D.? 

Two ways for a fan to join Roosterteeth


  • Take the Miles Luna route and be super nice and friendly and awesome until you get an internship and then continue being the nicest person ever and great with people until they have no choice to hire you.
  • Take the Gavin Free route and stalk the employees through their spouses’ aim accounts and then one day out of the blue ask to stay with them for a month and watch that month turn into years.


The Moon and Stars

28 images combined, each with a 15 second exposure. Taken around 8:30pm at Caspersen Beach, Florida. Stacked using Waguila’s star stacker program and the star spikes program for the diffraction effect. 

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil


I am dern sure sending some love.


welcome to the 12th inning of a college baseball game

“Gavin, I’ll go down on you all night.”

— Ryan Haywood (Sponsor Cut Game Night)